Roots To Resistance
A Global Art & Activism Campaign
Twelve Women Activists : Twelve Portraits

The Roots To Resistance Art and Activism Project Is The Creation Of:

Large scale, 8 foot high, painted portraits of 12 International Women Activists doing profoundly important, risky and earthshaking work on the Planet.

12 Global Postcard and Street Postering Campaigns which are printed and sent across the Planet via more than 70 International Partner Organizations.

Local and Global Community Art performances which use all of the above elements and include the voices of 12 Community Women reading the words of the 12 Activists.

A league of International Partner Organizations which promote the telling of the histories and work of these 12 Activists, as well as supporting and promoting the work being done within the collection of Partner Organizations themselves.

Why these 12 Women

These 12 amazing Women were chosen on the basis of the diversity of issues they were addressing as well as the balanced diversity of the places they were working from. Some of the Women work inside of established Social and Political systems, some are fighting for Democracy, some are Socialists, and some seek to find completely new systems. Most importantly these Women were chosen because of the profoundly critical, important and earthshaking work they are doing in World Communities and their amazing ability to awaken and inspire us all.

Who We Are

Roots To Resistance is a Public Art project created by Artist and Activist Denise Beaudet, which receives non-profit status through fiscal sponsorship with A.P.E., a local non-profit Art Organization in Northampton Massachusetts. We are sharing the stories, voices, and critically important work of 12 International Women Activists, with people and Communities across the entire Globe using: large scale painted Portraits (4x8 foot), Global Postcards, Street Postering Campaigns and traveling Community installations and performances. The project intends to spread and amplify the voices and visibility of these Women, but is also meant to bring inspiration and the opportunity for others to become engaged citizens in their own Communities. The Portraits are being created to bring a sense of the Women themselves and a sense of the intensity, connection, strength and deep emotional space that it requires to do the work that they do. These Portraits are being painted and displayed with the intention of creating a connection for the viewer, to the pathways of social change created by these amazing Activists. By creating a connection to these 12 Women we hope that we have created a pathway to the work, issues and Communities where they are making such profound changes, and an opportunity for people to imagine themselves stepping forward to make change in their own Communities.

Our Mission!

  • To bring attention to these 12 Women Activists and the profoundly important work they are doing in local and Global Communities. This work often puts them at great risk, so we also want to shine a protective light on them so that people around the World are connected to the Women, paying attention and raising voices if they are harmed, jailed or mistreated.

  • To combat feelings of disconnection and hopelessness in Communities across the Globe by inspiring people to believe in their abilities to make and affect change. This project does not seek to change laws, policies or current political administrations. It seeks instead to support people facing hard issues and subjects, so that instead of being overwhelmed and turning away from the challenges, they can inform themselves about the truths and pass that on to others. Once people feel connected, educated, inspired and engaged, they are in a better position to take further action inside of their own Communities. Through the Art, Postcards, Street Posters as well as the faces, voices and stories of these 12 Women, we are inviting people into that engagement and Activism.

  • We have chosen, within these painted Portraits and Postcards created for Roots To Resistance, to focus on giving these 12 Activists the strength of partnership with all things nature. They serve to remind people of the importance of our symbiotic relationship with all of the other living partners on this Planet. One of the core beliefs of this project is that true change, connection, and activism cannot flourish without a deep love and symbiotic link to our Natural World. We believe that with this connection, these movements and these Women are unstoppable and this sacred concept is perhaps the most important one of our time.

What Roots To Resistance Has Done So Far!

  • We have completed the first 11 Portraits of: Natalia Estemirova, Malalai Joya, Chouchou Namegabe, The Zapatista Women, Rebecca Gomperts, Wangari Maathai, Aung San Suu Kyi, Yvonne Margarula, Razan Ghazzawi, Frances Crowe and Shireen Issawi.
  • We are currently at work on the 12th and final portrait of slain Honduran Activist Berta Cáceres. The 11 completed Portraits have been installed with the Postcards, Street Posters and other materials in Community spaces where people from all walks of life can connect locally with issues concerning the greater Global World. We have displayed the Roots To Resistance portraits and postcards in partnership with the Vagina Monologues, the Carnival of Feminists and in Farmers Markets, Fundraisers and Art Galleries across the Northeast US, to raise money inspiration and awareness for Organizations and causes related to this work.
  • We have created 11 Global Postcard and Street Postering Campaigns featuring the work and words of the Women Activists. Over 20,000 Postcards and Posters were printed, translated into the necessary languages and sent across the Globe, reaching people in places like Fiji, New Zealand, Lebanon, Thailand, Brazil, Afghanistan, South Africa, Portugal, Serbia, Australia, Iceland, Mexico, US, Northern Canada and many dozens more.
  • We have created partnerships with 50+ International Community and Non Profit Organizations. We partnered with larger Organizations such as the Greenbelt Movement, Truthout and Rabble and with smaller Grassroots Orgs such as Fiji Women's Rights, Burmalink and ActWomen Serbia, these Global Partnership are truly the ones who are amplifying the voices and concerns of these 12 Women Activists, as they bring the postcards, street posters and the inspirations and challenges that they carry into the streets, homes and schools inside their local Communities.

As we near the completion of the 12th and final Portrait of Berta Cáceres, we have decided to bring this portion of Roots To Resistance to a close. A great deal of thought went into this decision. The main consideration being that we wanted to find a way to get real resources into the hands of the Women Activists and their Organizations. We will be offering all 12 of the larger than life sized Portraits for purchase in an international auction where 50% of the funds raised will go to the Women and their Organizations. This way the Women themselves or the Organizations they have created can decide how to best use the resources to continue doing the Earthshaking work they do. We have used the Portraits and the Postcard Campaigns to help inform small pockets of the World Community and to raise inspiration locally and abroad and we now feel that this Auction will bring the project full circle.

Stay close to us on Facebook for more information will be forthcoming in early 2017 as we organize the details of of the Roots To Resistance auction!

--Denise Beaudet


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