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So far Roots To Resistance has created 6 Global Postcard and Street Postering Campaigns and sent out thousands of materials to all corners of the Globe by creating a network of more than 80 Partner Organizations working for Women’s Issues, Social Justice and Environmental protection across the Globe. These Partners work with us by receiving the Postcards and Posters, helping us translate into a diversity of languages and bringing them to diverse parts of their Communities. By focusing our attention on sending printed rather than virtual materials, we are reaching out to Communities that do not have access to computers and internet. We also feel we are emphasizing the need to pay special attention to these Women and issues by making them exist in the real and physically tangible World, the one we can feel and touch.

By offering tangible materials we are offering an opportunity for others to become an active part of the change. By passing these materials forward to friends, family, colleagues and Communities at large, everyone can be directly involved in supporting the critical work of these amazing Activists who are raising fists and voices in support of Women, Workers, Free Speech, Democracy, Creatures, Mountains, Land and Communities everywhere.

All of our campaigns are different, some of the postcards are pre-addressed to the White House, The Kremlin, corporate America or irresponsible Governors who want to squeeze workers, others are Posters that are meant to spread the word and to be passed on to people in our lives and in our Communities. In this way we are all spreading the messages and supporting the work of these profoundly brave women while getting the chance to raise our own voices while raising up the voices of many!

The Postcards and Posters are free to all! We spend much of our fundraising efforts on getting enough support to ensure that they will always be plentiful and free to all who want them. We simply ask that you pass these materials forward out in your community and the inspiration will follow them forward.

Below is a small list of how some of our other Organizations have shared these materials

Bring the postcards out to Community Events: Farmers Markets, Protests, Parades and pass them forward to all.

Send the Postcards and Posters to friends and family with a personal note. Perhaps your Aunt is a Journalist who would be connected to our Natalia Estemirova Campaign or maybe you have a colleague that should know about the amazing Afghan Activist Malalai Joya. It becomes so effective, beautiful and inspiring if the way you are sending these forward is personal.

Create a gathering in honor of these 12 Women where these materials, stories and ideas can be exchanged and celebrated.

Send Postcards that are pre-addressed to their final destinations. It is a small act but such an important and simple way to be engaged and to Raise Your Voice alongside these Women.

If you are interested in receiving materials or being involved in this campaign please contact us at denise@denisebeaudet.com and If you would like to help support our Global Campaigns please visit our “Support” page or consider purchasing a print from our “Portraits” page. Thank You.


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